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Public Outreach

  The purpose of this programme is to improve the ability of societies to respond effectively to health alerts.  The programme will utilize existing rural communication networks to provide information to remote communities.  It will assess the effectiveness of the existing pathways and assist in improving communications between health service providers and communities at risk. 

The programme will apply best practises developed throughout Africa.

Short-term targets


Medium-term targets


Long-term targets


Assess capacity of existing rural communication networks throughout West and Central Africa and increase capability where required (Donor funding required & existing projects)


Increase the capacity of people to identify and respond more quickly to health alerts in rural communities in at least five countries (Donor funding and country funding required)

Maintain capacity and expand as needed throughout Africa (Donor funding and country funding required)

Determine effectiveness of current information services in at least five countries (Donor funding required)




identify the most effective method(s) of information dissemination targeted to decision makers and populations at risk