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The purpose of this programme is to increase the capacity of the medical and environmental science communities, especially in West Africa, to work with each other on climate-sensitive disease controls through the implementation of a series of training events. 

These events will also help the Partnership identify needs of the public health service providers operating in West Africa for climate information and identify ways to meet these needs.  This programme will be developed in cooperation with existing programmes in agriculture, meteorology and biodiversity and will use tools developed through GEO and by organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI).





Medium-term targets


Long-term targets


2-4 seminars or workshops per year for medical and environmental science communities to train in-country trainers (Donor funding required)


1-2 workshops per country, minimum of 10 countries, using in-country expertise (Donor funding and/or country funding required)


Maintain currency of information, and expand capacity as needed throughout Africa (Donor funding and country funding required)

Build on and support existing activities to assess current capacity to use climate information in at least 3 countries most affected by climate-sensitive diseases (Donor funding required)