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Ecosystems and Health Research

  This programme will focus on improving understanding of the relationship between disease vectors, ecosystem changes, climate, human behavior and health outcomes.  It will enhance the capacity of public health services to predict and respond quickly to malaria, meningitis, cholera and other climate-sensitive diseases.  Models of the relationship between observed environmental parameters and health outcomes will enable the effects of immunity, for example, on climate-sensitive diseases to be studied. 


Wherever possible this programme will take advantage of existing impact studies and will focus on linking them with specific health applications


Short-term targets


Medium-term targets


Long-term targets


Enhance existing meningitis-climate studies focused improving understanding the relationship between ecosystems, climate and disease vectors in at least 3 countries (Research agency funding)


Use ecosystem and health information to inform development planning activities (donor funding required). 

Make capability available to all Africa and assist in developing capacity to implement wherever required (donor and country funding)


use ecosystem and health information to identify new areas/localities of ecosystem and health risk where early warnings are needed