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Health and Climate Warnings and Assessments


This programme will review the existing health-climate relations that have already been established using data from various countries in West Africa, and from Madagascar.  It will also consider the societal and economic impact of providing more timely warnings of climate-sensitive epidemics, and ways to increase the effectiveness of vaccinations and other interventions.


Short-term targets


Medium-term targets


Long-term targets


Support and enhance existing work, in at least 3 countries, focused on improving relationships between health effects and environmental parameters (donor funding required)




Expand capability to all Africa (donor and country funding required)

Assess the benefit of earlier warning of climate-sensitive diseases for rural communities.  Evaluate the capacity to utilize earlier warnings. (Donor funding required)


Use improved health-climate relationships to improve forecast and assessment models (research agency funding required)


Build on existing programmes, in at least 3 countries, to test and evaluate the potential to use preventative measures to protect populations from meningitis outbreaks, which can be applied when early warning of adverse environmental conditions are available (Donor funding and research agency funding required)


Transition all successful early warning capabilities into practise and expand studies to at least 10 countries (donor, country and research agency funding required)