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The Health and Climate Partnership was created in April 2006 to increase cooperation between organizations involved in health, climate, humanitarian assistance, ecosystems, research and operational services.  It provides a focus for the practical implementation of health and climate programmes and projects, in particular, to help Africans find sustainable ways to improve health outcomes for those at risk from climate-sensitive diseases.  The partnership is committed to:

Community of Practise

The Partnership is a community of practise providing its members with an opportunity to share skills and increase opportunities for collaboration between health and climate services.


  The Health and Climate Partnership for Africa is open to governmental, non-governmental and international organizations that are contributing to improving the health outcomes for the millions of people exposed to climate-sensitive diseases.

Through these actions the Partnership is committed to the implementing:

i)                    Agenda 21;

ii)                  The Programme for Further Implementation of Agenda 21;

iii)                 The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation; and

iv)                The Millennium development Goals.